Other Pinehurst, NC Restaurants and Hotels Can't Compare To Our Dinners

If you want a dining experience that reflects the tradition and historic lore of the Pinehurst area, there is no better place than Pine Crest Inn.

With locals and out-of-town guests filling the dining room at Pine Crest Inn regularly, the service and atmosphere can't be beat. And the food, well, the food is special. Beginning with the world-famous Pork Chop, no one can find a more flavorful and tender piece of meat that will sate even the largest of appetites.

Standards such as the Beef Tenderloin, Salmon, Chicken, Prime Rib, Pork Chop, and more are offered each night. Additionally, Chef Lyndel creates special House Features for guests to choose from as well.

Delicious food, good portions, and friendly service all combine to make the Pine Crest Inn a memorable dining experience reflective of its charm, its history, and famed southern hospitality.

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