The Mystery of Marmaduke's Missing Morsels


  • The Setting: The Porch at the Pine Crest Inn
  • The Characters: Marmaduke, the Beloved Pine Crest Inn Cat & a Mystery Culprit 
  • The Plot: Marmaduke's food has been disappearing from his dish. "Detective Don Lee" is on the case to solve the crime of the missing morsels

It was a dark and stormy night..... The Pine Crest Inn was closed for most of the month of January. Very little activity occurred at the normally hustling and bustling historic Inn. With the exception of 2-3 staff members, few graced the steps of the 100 year old Inn during this time period except its permanent resident, Marmaduke, the Cat.

It was noticed during this time, that Marmaduke's food was disappearing from his dish. "Detective" Don Lee took on the case of Marmaduke's Missing Morsels and installed a surveillance camera to determine the perpetrator of this heinous crime. The camera would be activated by motion and would surely help to solve this mystery.

On one unusually cold and dark evening, Marmaduke was invited to spend the night indoors at the Inn (a rare occasion but it was particularly frigid). Enjoying the place to himself, Marmaduke wandered the hallways and eventually settled on a perch in The Crystal Room which happens to overlook the Porch with an opportune view of his feeding bowl.

It was dark into the night when, lo and behold, activity stirred on the porch. Marmaduke's hair stood on end as he watched the horror unfold!

The Mystery of Marmaduke's Missing Morsels was solved! However, the culprit, the notorious Rocky Raccoon, remains at large!